Leigh J Evans

A leading brand identity and graphic design professional based in the UK



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I am a professional creative who specialises in the creation of brands, their visualisation and most importantly their application & implementation. I’m also a family man, and self-confessed petrol head.


With over 18 years of experience gained in Europe and the Middle East. I have led major projects in the disciplines of strategy, corporate identity, design, and photography and brand activation.


My extensive portfolio represents the full range of commercial industries, including consumer brands, education, energy, entertainment, and financial services, leisure, pharmaceuticals, real estate, technology, and travel and telecommunications sectors.



Key highlights

– Over 18 years of professional studio experience

– Gained in Europe and the Middle East

– Client side exposure

– High-level management exposure

– Awarded and published works

– Multi-disciplined

– Team player

– Team leader



Past & present employers

’11 FHS Global, Dubai, UAE: Associate Partner

’11 Rashed Photography, Doha, Qatar: Associate Partner

’09-’11 Siegel+Gale, Dubai, UAE: Design Director

’09-’11 Qtel, Doha, Qatar: Corporate Communications Creative Director*

’08-’09 gsFITCH, Dubai, UAE: Design Director

’07-’08 Turquoise, Dubai, UAE: Creative Director

’05-’07 gscs, Dubai, UAE: Senior Designer

’01-’05 tmh (the media house), Dubai, UAE: Senior Designer

’00-’01 Landor Associates, London, UK: Freelance Senior Designer

’96-’00 Zaman, Milton Keynes, UK: Designer

’92-’96 On Cue Design, Milton Keynes, UK: Designer

’90-’92 Audi Volkswagen, Milton Keynes, UK: Photographic Studio Assistant


*Consultancy Secondment via Siegel+Gale




“Concerning Leigh: As an optimist and a perfectionist Leigh already establishes a precedence for how you will work with him and how he will work with you. It is not an option that leaves much room for discussion or thought. It just essentially very easy to get on with him and to work with him and you wouldn't want to change that anyway.


For me, working with Leigh was like an extension of my thoughts and imagination. He intuitively understands what is required, how to craft it, present it and ultimately consolidate it into that exact special something you want.


One may run the risk of underestimating him in terms of his good humour and unwavering cheer. But that is only because there is a lot more going on that one cannot see. One may be talking or explaining a point, an issue or concept thinking "will he get this?", however, Leigh has already grasped the whole big picture and is beginning to paint it in his minds eye to perfection beyond your expectations - every time.


I am a lucky person to have worked with Leigh because now I know what is possible if a creative possess both immense technical skills and craft to the minutest detail as well as vast ocean of ideas that seem to always be crystal clear and perfectly, well... "beautiful".


Concerning Leigh, I tell you this: Enjoy, I know it will be a pleasure working with him.” October 22, 2010

Habib Beaini, Managing Director, gsFitch



“I love this guy. Hands down he's the best designer I have ever seen. Dedicated and hard working. Talented beyond comparison and a friend. What more could anyone want.” July 27, 2010

David Reid