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Qtel Corporate Brand Management (CBM)

Telecommunications: Brand and Project Management

The CBM team was a highly experienced & qualified group of individuals, made up of three specialists in the fields of strategy, design and marketing - all of who were seconded via our employers Siegel+Gale. We were tasked with auditing all of Qtel’s internal and external marketing communications.


In reality, our role expanded into advising & consulting across all departments, commissioning & project-managing brand led communication campaigns and training Qtel’s new Qatari marketing developees.




Our challenges

– Initial employee response to our role was sceptical

– We had to overcome a ‘siloed’ departmental culture

– Large organisation internal politics

– Minimal brand knowledge and awareness

– Lack of quality to marketing campaigns

– Lack of quality to agency creative executions


Day-to-day activities

– Advise project stakeholders strategically and creatively

– Audit all departments marketing projects, from initial brief through to final artwork

– Audit and advise on all agency creative pitches and presentations

– Give final approval on all internal & external marketing campaigns & collaterals

– Police the usage of the Qtel’s brand mark and visual standards

– Raise the standards of Qtel’s marketing strategically and visually

– Create best practice workflow procedures

– Educate Qtel’s Qatari marketing developees


Day-to-day auditing activities

– All internal & external communications were audited for quality of brief, quality of creative, correct use of guidelines and final execution

– Every execution of a campaign was audited and advised upon, including:

TVCs, Print, Outdoor, Digital & Social Media


Training, workshops and immersions

– Various brand immersions & workshops were carried out covering brand strategy, creative and best practices

– Attendance was from every level of the organisation together with key staff from Qtel’s advertising agencies


Our results

– We achieved trust, high regard and built strong relationships within all levels of Qtel

– CBM became a primary focal point within Qtel for all its communications

– Over 400 members of staff attended various emersions into the refreshed Qtel brand

– Many internal communication processes have been implemented and above all, they are strictly followed

– Knowledge has been transferred to the Qatari developees

– Marketeers are no longer working as ‘silos’ within their various communication departments – employees now talk to each other!


Just some of our received feedback

“I’m really proud of such professional guys working with us. Thank you all for the great work” - Adel Al Mutawa, Executive Director


“I just wanted to drop you a quick line to thank you and congratulate you on your achievements in employee engagement” - Nick Dent, COO


“Sincere congratulations for the successful launch of the Network campaign, the efforts been made are very much remarkable and surely will lead to very positive impact in building the new brand platform” - Ahmed S. Mustafa, Assistant Director Business Solutions


“Special thanks to every member in Group Communications for the dedication and hard work for the event today. Without you guys we wouldn’t make such professional event in the opening today” - Adel Al Mutawa, Executive Director


These projects were completed during my employment with Siegel+Gale. If you wish to engage an agency such as Siegel+Gale please visit www.siegelgale.com

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